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About The Project
About Lee County Town Hall

Lee County Town Hall is a virtual public forum that encourages residents of our unique Southwest Florida community to participate in local government —at any time, from any place. While we still encourage face-to-face dialogue at traditional workshops and meetings, we realize that hectic schedules often get in the way. You can explore Lee County Town Hall at your convenience.

The homepage has links to Lee County campaigns seeking your input on proposed programs and projects. The registration process is simple to share your own ideas and support those you like, as well as to stay informed about new campaigns and topics. Lee County decision-makers will be listening. So please read our Public Comment Policy to ensure that everyone keeps the conversation moving in a positive direction.
About Lee County

Lee County, Florida was founded in 1887 and became a Charter County on Jan. 1, 1997. It has a five-member Board of County Commissioners, each of whom is elected at large for a four-year term, representing and residing in one of five Commission Districts. The County Manager is directly responsible to the Board for administration and operation of the County's departments, as well as execution of Board policies. More than 618,000 residents are served by Lee County Government.

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